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Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Deeper Engagement with Lauren Wright
If you treat people like a number, they will eventually return the favor.
What Nonprofits Can Learn From Military Defense Companies with Corey Akin
All I can do is tell the story. It's up to the Holy Spirit to move somebody.
Breaking the Old Paradigms: Rethinking International Development with Emily Blackledge
The thing that I've always struggled with on the marketing side is if I put the work that we do through a gospel lens, then the hero is always Jesus. And you need me at the table, and you need an African at the table, and you need a marketing person at the table. And all of us collectively are the workmanship and are the artwork that the Lord is crafting in Africa or in Haiti or in Philly, but it's not one or the other.
A.I. For Good with Corey Unger
If you're in the world of solutioning whatever it may be, whether it's digital or it's working with donors, if you raise your empathy, you'll find that you start to understand the audience you're trying to reach. That counts for digital. It also counts for just about everything else.