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Get the only one-click checkout for giving, the best converting and most powerful checkout for giving, with the best rates in the industry.

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Industry average

Average cost per transaction



Average Platform Fee



Average card processing fee

1.9% + 30¢

3.5% + 30¢

Average bank processing fee


0.85% + 30¢
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Unlimited, Custom Checkouts

Accept payments from Individuals, Companies, via any payment method, any way, any flow.

WeGive gives you everything you need for premium digital payments and a delightful, secure and quick checkout experience.

Personalize the Flow

Customize the exact donation flow you want for the exact supporters you want, without needing a software developer.

WeGive enables nonprofits to customize any number of checkouts with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

What's included?

WeGive Checkout

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Payout Management

Get payouts same-day, daily, weekly or monthly, with easy reconciliation.

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Conversion Events & Tag Manager

Get extremely granular data on your giving flows, with pre-made conversion events and normalized datas for excellent yet easy xnalytics integrations.

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Current Recurring Plan Transfer

WeGive will transfer all your existing recurring plans from your current platform.

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Transaction Retries

Easily retry failed transactions.

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Self-Managed Recurring

Allow individual donors and companies to manage their own recurring donations.

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Issue refunds for any successful transaction in WeGive.

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Offline Donations

Sync offline donations with WeGive and your CRM.

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Giving History & Statements

Automatically generate year end statements based on all your donor's giving, including all the offline donations or opportunities in your CRM.

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Checkout Implementation Options

Get all the implementation options you want for all of your checkouts.

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Donation Trigger Texts & Emails

Send trigger based texts, emails or messages based on actions donors make (or don't make) during checkout

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Donation Receipting

Design your own receipt template or use our defaults, and send verified acknowledgements for every donation automatically.

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Corporate Giving

Allow companies or entities to donate and give them a specific experience

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Ticket Sales

Sell tickets for events or accept registrations directly on your website.

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Fundraiser Checkouts

Optionally change the appearance of checkouts when connected to a fundraising campaign, peer to peer fundraiser, or crowdfunding campaign.

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Donation Thank You Video

Easily add a personal thank you video after a donation confirmation.

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Fee Cover

Optionally pre-set, promot, or require the donor pay the processing fee.

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Recurring Giving

Accept recurring donations of any frequency and let donors self manage them.

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Give in Honor or Memory

Optionally allow donors to give in honor or memory and send a customized e-cards.

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Anonymous Giving

Optionally allow donors to give in a way where other donors would never know their identity, and even in a way where your development people don't either.

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Optionally offer any designations you want on any checkout you want.

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Checkout Info

Easily create and edit supporting context or additional information on any checkout you want.

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Custom Questions

Collect required or optional information onfrom your donors on any checkout, synced with your CRM.

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Custom Links

Show the specific links you want on the exact checkouts you want for a unified donor experience.

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Accept Venmo Donations

Let your donors checkout with Venmo when giving to you.

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Accept PayPal Donations

Let your donors checkout with PayPal when giving to you.

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Accept Google Pay Donations

Let your donors checkout with Google Pay when using chrome or Android devices.

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Accept Apple Pay Donations

Let your donors checkout with Apple Pay when using safari or iOS devices.

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Bring Your Own Processor

Although WeGive guarantees to beat whatever rate you're currently paying, you can also hook up your own payment processor.

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Billing Address

Optionally prompt donors to update their billing address or only ask for zip.

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Personal Information

Capture your donor's personal information once, match perfectly to the right contact records in your CRM, and never make duplicates again.

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Current Mailing Address

Optionally prompt donors to update their mailing address or personal information.

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Give as Guest

Give every donor a one-click checkout that converts at ~75%, but don't force it.

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Saved Payment Methods

Automatically save your donors payment methods regardless of where they came in from.

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Unlimited Checkouts

Create an unlimited number of checkouts, all customizable, easily edited, with QR codes, multiple implentation options, included and automated texts & emails.

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Recurring Conversion

Optionally prompt donors that are giving a one-time donation to give on a recurring basis instead.

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Let your donors pay for memberships, and automatically segment them into groups.

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Service Revenue

Accept payments for things that are not legally donations and shouldn't roll up into contributions revenue.

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Flat Rate ACH

Pay up to 25¢ per ACH transaction instead of paying a percent based fee for a payment method that's not fee based, so your large donations can process for nearly free.

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One-Click Giving

Get the only one-click checkout that's made just for giving and watch your conversion rates increase an average of 3X, up to 75%.

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QR Codes and Text-to-Give

Every page and user flow has a QR code and text-to code that WeGive automatically creates for you.

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No Platform Fee

WeGive is the only fundraising platform that doesn't charge a platform fee and cut into your contribution revenue

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Impact Based Suggested Amounts

Show donors suggested giving amounts with impact descriptions that change with the amount selected or entered.

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Corporate Matching

Offer Corporate Matching that isn't limited to a small list of large corporations, is fully integrated with your Company Accounts in your CRM, and is easy to implement.

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Custom Donor Privacy

Give donors the ability to control their privacy with other donors, with you, and by information type.

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Get the best payment platform for NPOs.

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