The WeGive Donor Portal

Give your Donors a Personalized, Relational Experience.

Add a login portal on your website where donors can emotionally connect with what their donation is doing.

Benefits when switching from a Donation Tool + CRM + Email Tool

Average increase in Donor Retention

Donor Retention

Average increase in Number of Donors

Number of Donors

Average Donation Amount Increase

Donation Amount
Donor Experience Comparison

Old Way vs. New Way

What comes in a Donor Platform?

Sure, it does donations. But there’s also donor profiles, impact reporting, fundraising, and more—like email, text, and an organization info center—that help you build relationships with your donors.

Simple, easy, and powerful donation processing with 0% platform fees.

Accept donations on a one-time, monthly or weekly recurring basis.

Accept Cards, Bank Login, eCheck, Apple Pay, Venmo and more.

Easily Customize your checkout.

Easily give donors the option to pay transaction fees.

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Give Donors a profile where they get a personalized experience.

Give your donors everything they could ever want - saved payment methods, donation mangement, badges, donor ranks, ability to start a fundraisers, privacy controls, change round-ups, personlized impact, and more. Even show organization information like mission statement, financials, program breakdowns, impact stories, impact numbers, and more.

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Automate donor communications around impact.

With WeGive's Donor Platform, the relationship doesn't end when someone donates, it begins. We make collecting donations, communicating with donors, and managing donors easier than you can imagine.

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All Features

More than just Donations & CRM

Bring your Donor Experience out of the past and into the present with a digital donor platform.

Donor Profiles

Give donors a login where they can feel connected to your organization and more.

Messaging Super Powers

Communicate with text, email, notifications, and in app posts or direct messages.

Organization Profile

Display key information about your organization for your donors eyes only.

Impact Reporting

Set custom impact numbers that dynamically update donor profiles based on their giving.

Impact Stories

Easily post impact stories and updates on what your organization is doing.

Automated Tax Compliance

Automated and dynamic tax receipting for donors and compliance for you.

Automated Rules and Flows

Set automated multi-channel message sequences that trigger whenever you want.

Badges, Ranks, and "Social"

Choose to let donors earn badges, see their rank, or even other donors and their activity.

Easy Donor Management

All your donors in one place, with their activity, tagged based on behavior.

Custom Branding

Easily input your colors and logo to instantly customize every pop-up and page.

Person-to-Person Fundraising

Let your existing donors easily fundraise for you from their friends and family.

Events & Ticketing

Host a fundraiser, manage ticketing, or do an auction - all with pre-saved donor information.

Dashboards & Analytics

See your organization's health like never before with key KPIs like donor retention.

Custom Privacy per Donor

Let donors set their privacy settings individually, so they can stay private or public.

Add a donor portal to your website in 12 minutes

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