Premium Portal, Engagement & Giving Platform

Provide a premium digital experience to your supporters for real revenue growth and increased staff capacity.

Turn your data into personal profiles on your website that increase engagement with the best converting checkouts & forms and an engagement automation & marketing platform made for ministries and nonprofits.

Fast. Secure. Simple.

Powerful, Personalized Engagement

Give your supporters a profile on your website and treat them like a VIP regardless of their gift size.

Give every supporter a personalized profile on your website.

Give a personalized and customizable digital experience for every type of supporter, including Companies, Households, Individuals, Board Members, and Foundations.

Show supporters who they are as a difference maker with you.

Show supporters who they are with you, a rollup view of their various relationships with you, and overview statistics what you have done together.

Show supporters the total difference they have made with you.

Automatically turn all your CRM data and contact record history into a total lifetime impact number. Include numbers from total donated, fundraised, matched, referred and more.

Automatically connect stories of impact to dollars and donors.

Graduate your content from low-engagement channels like email newsletters and blogs to personalized posts that permanently live as stories of the difference supporters are making, privately or publicly.

Turn supporter history into personalized impact numbers.

Easily publish impact cards with dynamically generated data or static text on supporter profiles based on their history with you (who, what, where, when, and how).

Deepen your donor relationships with a rich and transparent history.

Show supporters all they have done with you, when they did it and how. Give them a point of reference that keeps them from forgetting all they have done with you.

Engage via text, email, and direct platform messages.

Automatically send trigger based and fully personalized texts, emails or platform DMs. Open a direct channel of engagement with your supporters on their terms.

Gamify engagement (optional) with pre-made UI elements.

Use our pre-made gamification user interface components based on your existing CRM data to add an element of competition (when appropriate).

The Best Checkout for Nonprofits

Convert 2x more donors and increase donations with the only One-Click checkout for giving.  

Create an unlimited number of customizable and reusable


QR Codes and Text-to-Give

Include informational content on any checkout with fundraising bars, custom links, and descriptions.

Show amount presets with dynamic impact descriptions and designations.

Convert one-time givers automatically, and offer any recurring frequency.

Accept Companies or Individuals, and recognize all existing donors for an optional one-click donation.

Accept all Card types, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Bank login, ACH, Crypto or Offline payments.

All with the best processing rates and the highest fee cover rate available.

Collect the data you need with optional or required questions that are integrated with your CRM.

Stand out with exceptional Acknowledgement: show custom thank you videos, post-donation flows, and trigger personalized texts, emails or platform messages.

GA4 and Tag Manager

Track the the full giving funnel and each individual checkout flow with granular conversion events that integrate into Google Analytics or any data stream you want.

Not Just Donations

WeGive includes card present solutions with integrated terminals, membership billing, service revenue checkouts, invoices, storefronts, and more.

Donor Portal
Increase your recurring donor membership and donor retention by giving your donor's a login on your website.

Show donor's their  Lifetime Impact

Show donors their lifetime impact.
Total ever donated.
Total ever fundraised.
Total ever referred.

Show dynamic and personalized Impact Numbers.

Automatically show donors personalized impact numbers based on pre-set equations.

$5 = {{1}} "Children saved from malaria"

Show dynamic and personalized Impact Stories.

Automatically tie donors with impact stories based on where, when and how they donated.

Give donors an emotional return on investment with media.

Give donors personalized Texts & Emails automatically

3x your engagement by automatically sending  personalized texts & emails to donors about what their donation is doing and what impact they are making.

Convert more recurring donors with the best donation flow in the nonprofit industry.

One-Click Donate

2x your conversion rates with one-click checkout technology.

The only one-click checkout for charities.

Automatically convert one-time donors to your recurring donor program.

Get a digital recurring donor program out-of-the-box.

Tie your suggested donation amounts with real impact.

Dramatically increase conversion rates by showing donors what their donation is going to accomplish at checkout.

Give donors P2P Fundraising & Events.

Make P2P fundraising easier than ever and tied to impact.

Retain P2P donors
with donor profiles, text flows, and saved payment methods that enabled 1-click donations.

Every Tool You Need, In One Place

Consolidate all your fundraising, stewardship and engagement softwares into one single platform that integrates with your CRM and lives on your website.

Keep Your Data Fully Integrated

The only donor portal with a bi-directional sync to your CRM, with native data object mapping and field-level controls.

Data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Get Key Performance Indicators for Nonprofits, Automatically...

Plus powerful native integrations with your accounting softwares.

And 5,000+ 3rd party powered integrations through Zapier.

Add a premium donor portal to your website.

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