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Power more meaningful digital relationships

Not another fundraising tool, but a new way to turn your existing data into a powerful donor portal, engagement and giving experience on your website that provides your supporters with a more meaningful connection to your work and mission.

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What is WeGive?

WeGive is a giving commerce platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect your marketing & communications, development, donor relations and IT departments. WeGive’s connected platform enables you to grow your organization faster by focusing on what matters most: your supporters and your mission.

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Fast. Secure. Simple.

Your whole front office. One giving platform.

WeGive brings marketing, development, and donor relations software together on one giving platform. Each product in the platform is connected to your existing CRM and website, giving you incredible insight into every supporter at each stage in their journey. Although our products are powerful on their own, the real magic happens when you use them on top of your existing CRM and website.
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Fast. Secure. Simple.

Sync your data in real-time, bi-directionally

WeGive is not another fundraising page on your website that sends data one-way, but a powerful unified data platform that connects all your existing data sources to give you data superpowers—no additional resources or lengthy implementations required.
Data & Finance
6,000+ other integrations

Solutions for nonprofit teams

Growing a ministry or nonprofit isn’t easy, but we’ve got your back. Explore some of our cusomers' top business challenges and learn how WeGive’s integrated software and solutions can help you leave these problems in the past.

Increase your _________________ team's capacity to focus on what's important.


Donor Relations


IT & Data

Elevate your current work and easily  _________________________________.

meet your capital campaign goals

exponentially acquire new donors

increase donor retention

increase your conversion rates

improve your data acquisition and management

We make getting started a breeze.

We’re here to help your whole team make the move, succeed, and grow.

Moving to WeGive

Onboarding Services

Get up and running quickly with a personalized onboarding plan and success team.
Let WeGive integrate your current custom in-house CRM and connect your existing payment processor.
Nonprofit banking and granting software on wegive

Free Training & Courses

Grow your skills with free WeGive training and courses for your team.
Have your communications team trained on their new engagement platform.
A picture of how to accept donations with bank login, debit card, credit card, or account and routing number.

Recurring Plan Transfers

Don’t lose a single recurring plan when moving over to WeGive.
Let WeGive file for a token transfer with your current processor to migrate your payment data into a data vault you keep.

Growing with WeGive

Agency Templates

Get access to a library of engagement and marketing templates made by the industry’s best.
Turn on a world-class, 72 touch across multiple channels, 1-year engagement journey for new recurring donors.

Service Add-Ons

Easily connect with a WeGive certified contractor to fulfill projects or needs. 
Connect to a contractor to turn your social accounts into usable impact stories for portal profiles.

Developer Tools & Services

Build apps, develop custom integrations, and customize your portal, checkout and site.
Connect Auth0 to WeGive's IDP so portal users can navigate to another site or app without having to log in.

Elevate your giving experience.

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Fast. Secure. Simple.