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Connect WeGive to your CRM or database and create powerful Portal on your website that significantly increases donor retention & engagement.

The feeling of being a real philanthropist and changing the world
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The feeling of giving as a corporation and making a difference in the form of a color blurr.
Give Supporters a Donor Profile

Give all your supporters, and their related accounts a templated or customized profile on your website.

Easily take all your supporter data in your CRM or database, and turn it into highly personalized donor profiles with custom appearances tailored to what you need.

Personalize the Impact

Give your supporters personalized Lifetime Impact, Impact Stories, and Impact Numbers.

Set automated rules, mass tag or individually select supporters to receive different types of impact communications. Turn those blog and social media posts into powerful impact stories that live forever on a donor's profile. Turn those annual impact reports into dynamic impact numbers based on amounts fundraised or donated to whatever campaign or designation you want.

Fully Customizable

Offer the exact donor portal experience you want (or not).

WeGive includes dozens of features for your donor profiles but puts the power in your hands to include what you want.

Donor Badges

Optionally show badges and customize the requirements to let donors earn them.

Donor Ranking

Optionally show donors or only specific donors (like board members) their rank.

Household Views

Allow individual donors to view a roll-up view of their household and giving history.

Company Profiles

Give company accounts a corporate focused donor profile with members.

P2P Fundraising

Optionally allow certain types of donors or all donors to peer-to-peer fundraise.

Manage Recurring

Let your donors control their own recurring donations directly from their profile.

Donor Portal Supporting Features

Give donors a premium digital experience that delights them.

Embeds & Pop Ups

Donor Portal UI Elements

Use WeGive pre-made UI and web elements to embed on your website or include in your marketing assets.

Donor Login Chips
Cart Abandon Popups
Fundraising Goals
Activity Feeds
Active Campaigns

Automated Messaging

Maximize your donor experience with over 100+ highly personalized, pre-made, customizable, trigger-based texts and emails.

Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Automated Texts, Emails & DMs
Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Create an unlimited number of triggers
Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Manual Broadcast Texts, Emails & DMs
Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Combine all messages into one donor inbox.

One-Click Checkout & More

After your donors have entered their payment information once, 100% of them receive one-click checkout and never have to enter it ever again.

Saved Payment Info
Cookied One-Click
Email & Phone Verify
Maximum conversion

Add a Donor Portal to your website in 12 minutes

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