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Where experts share their strategies and experiences navigating the non-profit world.

The Art of Storytelling in Nonprofit Marketing with Brady Josephson
Brand is more about the experience people have... Sometimes having no design is a better experience.
Building a Loyal Community of Nonprofit Fans with Mission Increase
Make the first call to action at the top of your funnel really, really easy. like a super easy win, and then chain them together and walk them through a process.
Beyond Monetary Gifts
Engaging donors is about serving them first and showing genuine interest in them, beyond their checkbook.
Unleashing the Power of Monthly Partnerships
The depth of the relationship goes hand in hand with the involvement and strength of the relationship. When they see, get up close and know who you are and what you're doing, that's when the real impact happens.
Authenticity in Content through Grace and Truth
I never loved my job more now because I am using my skills, and I never would have thought my technical skills would be used in a ministry. But they totally are. They're totally useful, especially in modern day ministries.
Revolutionizing Nonprofit Fundraising
If you're a growth-minded executive and a growth-minded nonprofit, it's the storytelling that makes all the difference.
The Importance of Giver Relationships
Fundraising is a team sport. We're in this together. It's an abundance mindset. Donors appreciate thinking that way
Scaling for Success with Sadie Brandon
AI can be great for generating new ideas, but you have to have self-control with how you use it and make sure you're spending your time where it's most profitable.
Engaging Donors and Inspiring Action with Dina Sleiman
Nonprofits are not just blessing our recipients, we are blessing our donors. When someone donates to your organization, they're purchasing significance for themselves.
 Tech to Nonprofit: The Power of Traditional Marketing Methods with Matt Clement
Sometimes the answer is doing the small things consistently that don't seem like much. Like those just add up when you're doing them consistently over months and years to where all of a sudden you look back and you're like, wow, you just grew 50%
Powerful Strategies for Organic Donor Engagement
People give to people, not to organizations. And so I think they love that personal touch, and it's less stress for you. Rather than trying to put together this really well worded, perfect email
How to Build Strong Donor Relationships and Boost Fundraising Success in Christian Nonprofits
We need to make our donors feel like they're a part of what's happening, or they'll go to someone who will