Fundraisers with WeGive

Fundraise from and with your supporters, on your own website, integrated with your CRM.

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Crowdfunding & Fundraising

Get integrated fundraising pages on your website.

Easily get fundraising pages so you can crowdfund for your campaigns. Customize how you want by editing the appearance or including things like activity feeds, leaderboards, group or team fundraisers, progress bars, child or parent campaign embeds, and more.

Person-to-Person (P2P) Fundraising

Let your supporters fundraising for you, acquire new donors and retain them. 

Give your supporters the ability to fundraise for you whenever they want (like their birthday), fully integrated with your CRM, within the guardrails and fundraiser pre-sets you set.

Easily Customizable

Add or remove features for each fundraiser.

WeGive includes dozens of features for fundraising and P2P fundraising, but puts the power in your hands.

Engage Everyone

Fundraise as an individual, fundraising team, household or company.

Flexible Control

Send pre-made fundraisers, pre-set the defaults, or give supporters a blank slate to create what they want.


Optionally show a Leaderboard for the Top Donors or Top Fundraisers.

Recent Activity

Optionally show Recent Activity for a Fundraiser.

Child Campaigns

Optionally display the child fundraisers supporting your larger campaign.

Privacy Controls

Let donors control their own privacy and anonymity at checkout.

Supporting Features

Engage, convert and retain more supporters.

Embeds & Pop Ups

Fundraiser UI Elements

Use WeGive pre-made UI and web elements to embed on your website or include in your marketing assets.

Progress bars
Stat counters
Team Campaigns
Recent Activity
Fundraiser Checkouts

Fundraiser Messaging

Maximize your Fundraiser engagement with over 2 dozen highly personalized, pre-made, customizable, trigger-based texts and emails and other features like QR codes.

Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Automated or manual Texts & Emails
Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Create an unlimited number of triggers
Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
QR codes to Give or to create fundraiser
Check - this feature is included on the wegive banking and granting plan.
Text-to-Give codes for each fundraiser

Fundraise with Large Donors too

Involve your big donors by showing their involvement, leveraging their pledges, matches and donations to track and inspire other Corporations, Foundations, and HNWIs.

Custom Checkouts
Offline Donations
Live Matching

Add Fundraising to your website in 12 minutes

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