Corporate Impact Platform

Show your employees and customers what your company stands for.

Start your corporate foundation, give your employees a workplace giving platform, and compile all your impact.

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Instant corporate social responsibility...


Company Foundation

If you don't have one yet, we instantly create a corporate charitable fund or  foundation for you, define your charitable values, cause categories, and curate Givelists for you.


Workplace Giving

The only free workplace giving tool that gives you and your employees a Donor Advised Fund, automated matching, P2P fundraising, and 2M+ charities to give to.


Corporate Impact Page

We track down impact stories and impact numbers from the charities you donated to, and the charities your employees donated to. Get a full view of your company-wide impact.

Get a Corporate Impact Page

Highlight your values. Show your impact.

Get a single web-page where you showcase your company values, the cause categories you care about, your top charities, your curated Givelists, and all your corporate impact rolled up into a single view.

Digitize your company values & social responsibility.
Get automated company-wide impact stories and numbers.
Get curated Givelists for your specific cause categories.
Create Impact Page for Free
Workplace Giving

Give employees charitable stipends and automate matching.

Get the only premium corporate giving platform that compiles your impact and doesn't charge you monthly fees.

Employees get their own Giving Fund.
Automate donation matching and set custom rules.
Compile impact from company and employee giving.
Get Workplace Giving for Free
Corporate Foundation

Start a Corporate Fund or Foundation, Instantly.

WeGive can sponsor your company and give you a 501(c)3 Fund instantly. We can also create and file the legal documents to create your own 501(c)3 Corporate Foundation whenever you're ready.

Get a 501(c)3 Charity Fund for your company instantly.
Turn your Charity Fund into a Corporate Foundation.
Get a platform to manage it all.
Create a Charitable Fund

Affordable Workplace Giving.