Use Text to Give to easily and quickly convert In-Real-Life donors.

Text to Give is super easy to set up and lets your donors give by sending a simple text message from their smartphones. Ideal for on-the-spot donation drives, church services, and conferences.

Increase Open Rates

Get over 90% open rates with text to donate

Text messages have the highest open rates of any communication channel. Great for live events.

Tell your donors to text your number to donate.
Donors receive a link to donate instantly via text.
Organize donors by keywords and shortcodes.
Quick Payments

Blazing fast donations using text massages.

Capture payments in seconds using our completely free plug-and-play text donation solution, fully integrated with Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and your entire Donor Platform.

Give your donors a link they can one-click donate.
Offer every payment method via text.
Get mobile numbers of your donors for the future.
Connected Donor Profiles

Automatically give new donors a profile and existing donors one-click checkouts.

Text to donate is integrated with your existing donor platform, so when existing donors text, we already know who they are and what their preferred payment method is.

Automatically create profiles for new donors.
Give existing donors an incredible experience.
Retain text donors on your donor platform.
Getting Started

Add a Donor Platform to your website in 15 minutes

With 4 different ways to add our platform to your website, we make it super easy to improve your donor experience.

Get Started Free, Forever  

1. Create Your Account

We need some information about you and your Organization to create your donor platform.

2. Customize Your Donor Platform

Upload your logo and brand colors, and decide what features you want your Donor Platform to have.

3. Copy/Paste To Your Website.

Follow our directions to Copy/Paste your Donor Platform onto your website or put on a sub-domain.

4. Upload and Invite Your Donors!

We let you upload all your donor's and their donation history, so their contributions aren't lost!

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