Smart Login Portal

Increase Engagement. Keep donors logged into your Donor Platform.

Cookie every new donor and keep them logged into their Donor Profile even when they leave your website.

Profile Picture Button

Show your existing donors their profile picture when they visit your website.

Cookie donors so the next time they visit your website, they can see their profile picture as a fixed floater button.

Add a fixed floater for logged in users.
Make it personalized for each website visitor.
100% optional feature: turn off or turn on.
Automated Profiles

Every time anyone gives you money, automatically create a donor profile.

Convert new donors, P2P fundraiser givers, and ticket purchases into your donor platform by automatically creating a donor profile with the information they used to checkout.

Generate profiles with information at checkout.
Send donors to their profile after a donation.
Increase retention and engagement.
Smart Checkout Login

Recognize when existing donors start to give on a new device.

Automatically prompt existing donors to log into their donor profile when they visit on a new device. Never create duplicate donor profiles.

Always use available saved payment methods.
Know when an existing donor is on a new device.
Donors can be logged in on all their devices.
Getting Started

Add a Donor Platform to your website in 15 minutes

With 4 different ways to add our platform to your website, we make it super easy to improve your donor experience.

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1. Create Your Account

We need some information about you and your Organization to create your donor platform.

2. Customize Your Donor Platform

Upload your logo and brand colors, and decide what features you want your Donor Platform to have.

3. Copy/Paste To Your Website.

Follow our directions to Copy/Paste your Donor Platform onto your website or put on a sub-domain.

4. Upload and Invite Your Donors!

We let you upload all your donor's and their donation history, so their contributions aren't lost!

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