QR Code Giving

Use QR codes to easily and quickly convert In-Real-Life donors.

QR to Give is super easy to set up and lets your donors give by sending a simple text message from their smartphones. Ideal for on-the-spot donation drives, church services, and conferences.

QR Code Adoption

Thanks to 2020, everyone's used to QR codes.

QR codes are great ways to convert new donors now because every generation in the US was forced to use them during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Convert in-real-life potential donors.
QR codes act as mini-ads or mini-billboards.
Now everyone knows how to use them.
Live Events

Make live events convert even more donors with QR codes.

The best way to convert new donors at events is by putting QR codes everywhere, like a printed agenda, stickers in places of note, or on presentation screens.

Excellent for live events or locations.
QR code scanning adds social signaling at events.
Easily re-usable and last longer than events.
Tickets & Profiles

Use QR codes to manage ticketing and create donor profiles.

Not only are QR codes great for live events or location based Nonprofits, they are great for ticketing and donor profile creation.

Manage tickets and registration with QR codes.
Create donor profiles for ticket purchasers.
Save payment methods from ticket purchases.
Getting Started

Add a Donor Platform to your website in 15 minutes

With 4 different ways to add our platform to your website, we make it super easy to improve your donor experience.

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Upload your logo and brand colors, and decide what features you want your Donor Platform to have.

3. Copy/Paste To Your Website.

Follow our directions to Copy/Paste your Donor Platform onto your website or put on a sub-domain.

4. Upload and Invite Your Donors!

We let you upload all your donor's and their donation history, so their contributions aren't lost!

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