Organization Profile

Key information about your Organization in one place.

Get a social media style profile tailored to Nonprofits where all the key information about your Organization can live. Especially helpful for fundraising, include things like missions statement, program descriptions, financials, impact stories or numbers, and more.

Organization Impact

A digital home for all your impact stories and numbers.

Nothing is more powerful than stories of impact. It's the product that donors purchase when they donate. It's time to give those stories a digital home that drives donor engagement and growth.

One place made for impact stories.
Automate your impact numbers.
Optional and customizable.
Key Information

A digital home for all your key information.

How many donors know your Mission Statement? Your programs? How their donation breaks down financially? Data suggest that 90% of donors want to know these things but don't.

Show donors the information they want to know.
Only show the information you want.
Auto-populate information from past 990s.

Include only the pieces of information pertinent to your Organization.

Every Organization is different and so are their donors. Each donor experience should be customized based on that difference.

Easily set what shows up on your profile.
Customize what donors vs. visitors can see.
Remove things like donor list visibility or activity.
Getting Started

Add a Donor Platform to your website in 15 minutes

With 4 different ways to add our platform to your website, we make it super easy to improve your donor experience.

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1. Create Your Account

We need some information about you and your Organization to create your donor platform.

2. Customize Your Donor Platform

Upload your logo and brand colors, and decide what features you want your Donor Platform to have.

3. Copy/Paste To Your Website.

Follow our directions to Copy/Paste your Donor Platform onto your website or put on a sub-domain.

4. Upload and Invite Your Donors!

We let you upload all your donor's and their donation history, so their contributions aren't lost!

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