Badges & Ranks

Optional: Gamify your donor platform.

You have the option to increase engagement by gamifying your donor platform.


Reward donors with a badge for taking actions that you deem valuable.

Easily set rules around badges for donors to earn on their profile. Things like 'recurring donation' or 'start a fundraiser' are great ways to increase donor engagement.

Let donors earn badges on their profile.
Customize the badges and how they are earned.
100% optional feature: turn off or turn on.

Let donors see their rank on their profile.

Optionally let donors see how they stack up against other donors on their profile. This competitive edge to your donor experience can be an incredible motivator.

Give donors the motivation to improve their rank!
Add competition into your donor experience.
100% optional feature: turn off or turn on.
Donor Visibility

Customize if donors can see eachother, and let donors set their own privacy.

You can make your donor platform like a social media platform for your own charity where donors can see eachother, their activity, and manage their own privacy.

Let donors see eachother's profiles and activity.
Let donors manage their own profile privacy.
100% optional feature: turn off or turn on.
Getting Started

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With 4 different ways to add our platform to your website, we make it super easy to improve your donor experience.

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1. Create Your Account

We need some information about you and your Organization to create your donor platform.

2. Customize Your Donor Platform

Upload your logo and brand colors, and decide what features you want your Donor Platform to have.

3. Copy/Paste To Your Website.

Follow our directions to Copy/Paste your Donor Platform onto your website or put on a sub-domain.

4. Upload and Invite Your Donors!

We let you upload all your donor's and their donation history, so their contributions aren't lost!

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